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There was a human recorder system, which gathering health-related information and then transmitting the health-related information to mobile phone or computer, has developed by a mobile phone enterprise. The system can aid elderly people or patients to transmit their health information to the hospital or clinic. The technology is recognized by a lot of old people.

Here, this essay will identify two benefits or unique features of the product and the competitors, and describe the consumer requirements for the product and potential market barriers, and analyze distribution and logistics strategy and the components of price. And those parts will include about some of the marketing principles, while whether stating the new product has a great prospect for the company.

Indentify two benefits of the new product

As a new product, it must satisfy customers’ purchasing need and be perceived by some consumers as new.

← Benefit one

The product can transmit the critical health information on daily of user who is patient from remote locations to a clinic or hospital in order to monitoring and evaluate patients' physical condition. Furthermore, the product belong a new technologic product, which means that it has fixable selling field or consumer group. For High Tech Age, the new generation of technologic product is more concerned by many groups; especially the technology will be used for medical field, which makes it have advantageous superiority than many technologic products. If the firm enable to reasonable use of the technology, it will aid a lot of people who need help, while contributing the enterprise to make more profit.

← Benefit two

The new product is recognized by increasing elderly people, which means that it has a part of fixable buying group, and it is benefit for launching. For example, the Ferrari is luxury goods, yet it is still purchased by many people who are fixable group.

This is closely related with marketing...