Indeginous Culture Reviews

Axia College Material
Appendix D

Indigenous Culture Web Site Review Template

|Question                                   |Response                                                                               |
|Web site 1 URL:                             |                                   |
|Name of Indigenous culture/religion         |Australian aboriginal cultures; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures         |
|presented in Web site                       |                                                                                       |
|Consider the examples of roles and         |They still endeavor to live with the land; they seem to live off it.   They also still   |
|observances held sacred by these people. Is|practice preservation - never to destroy. As such, these cultures still treasure       |
|this practice being kept alive?             |everything and eliminate nothing because eliminating something essentially entails     |
|                                           |eliminating their “god”.                                                               |
|Has the culture/religion evolved over time?|Technology has only moderately altered their way of life.   This change is primarily     |
|                                           |seen through the actions of the tourism culture which basically invades their standard |
|                                           |of living (Australian Government Culture Portal, 2008).   Most recently, they have made |
|                                           |a presence in the council of the United Nations; this certainly demonstrates a         |
|                                           |modification within their everyday lifestyles and viewpoints.                           |
|If the culture/religion still lives, how   |There has been an increasing interest in Aboriginal culture, particularly from         |
|has Western culture...