Increasing Demand for Renewable Sources of Energy Is Expected to Boost the Growth of the Switchgear Market

Designed to meter, protect, control, and regulate the generation, transmission, as well as distribution of electricity, switchgears play a vital role in the power sector. The escalating demands for electricity from all corners of the globe have resulted in the increasing requirement for transformers, which in turn, have been identified as the main factor boosting the demand for switchgears.

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Types of Switchgear and their Applications

Switchgears are used across many sectors such as industrial, power utility, commercial, and residential to enable uninterrupted transfer of electric current as well as provide protection against short circuits, current overload, and insulation failure. Switchgears also modify a load-carrying system at different levels of installations and provide safe isolation from parts driven by current.

Based on load-bearing capacity, switchgears are of three types: high-voltage switchgears, medium-voltage switchgears, and low-voltage switchgears. High-voltage switchgears are most commonly used in power utilities and classified into gas-insulated switchgear, air-insulated switchgear, vaccum-insulated switchgear, and oil-insulated switchgear. Low and medium-voltage switchgear find applications in power utilities, residential premises, and in industries such as pulp and paper and oil and gas.

Rapid Urbanization and Industrialization Fueling Growth

The global switchgear market is driven by the presence of favorable power industry reforms that are aimed at the renovation as well as expansion of the transmission and distribution sector. Rapid industrialization and urbanization have spurred the need for newer and more effective reforms and the demand for more advanced technologies. The rising adoption of smart grid technology has had quite an impressive impact on the switchgear market. In addition, the...