Alternative Energy Sources

Forcing Alternative Sources of Energy by Shifting Powers of a better Economy
“Are alternative energy sources the answer to ending human dependence on oil?”
Tabitha Williams
SCI207: Dependence of Man on the Environment (ABL1141F)

Instructor:  Michelle Rogers

October 20, 2011

From the beginning of time, we as human beings have searched the world over to find the needed means to fuel machinery and produce energy.   Sources found under the earths’ surface such as crude oil and coal worked tremendously to provide the needed energy and fuel to meet our demands.   Crude oil and coal are what we call fossil fuels.   These two fossil fuels are used to complete many tasks that help the humanity of human beings.   The fossils are burnt to provide fuel energy sources to complete those tasks.   With that along came several problems on the horizon for using these fossil fuels to complete such tasks.     Now these problems have gained so much power, it has forced humans, to create alternatives to help resolve the problem as to avoid future disaster.
We as human, have so many things going on that we forget about what we do to add to the problems that we have such as driving or vehicles to work and sitting in or working in a more than enough lit atmosphere.   Not even noticing that the source that gives us this energy that’s being burnt, is fossil fuels and the source that allows us to dive our cars to and fro are also fossil fuels.   It is hard to believe that, in the US alone (which makes up only five percent of the population) consume between 20 and 25 percent of the world's resources (Pride Solutions).   Fossil fuels are generated by the storage of impurities. Impurities are things that cause obstruction to the function of a natural material (Wikipedia).  
Impurities can be destructive when they create a blockage that cause the working nature of whatever material it is derived from not to be able to function.   For example, when certain plants in marshy areas die out,...