Incident 2-2

Incident 2-2: Bad Times at Quality Shoe
  1. What do you think of Mack’s approach to solving his problem?   I do not think I would have given Ralph as much power as he did. By giving him this much power he gave Ralph the control when I feel that he should have been more involved in the meeting to hear what employees had to say. This should have been a team effort, including Mack. Since Mack chose to let Ralph handle the meeting he is not aware of what is going on. Mack should have at least attended so that he could be aware of everyone’s thoughts and suggestions.
  2. How would you go about the task if you were Ralph?   I would gather everyone together and sit down with this group and then I would carefully explain the situation and what is going on. I would make it very well known that we all might be facing difficult times soon. There might also be some cut backs on the production line. I would explain that what is going on could potentially affect everyone at the company. I would make it clear I am here to listen to everyone and their thoughts and feelings on what is going on. The end result for all of us would be that we all still have our jobs at the end.
  3. What do you think Mack should do if he does not think that the group’s decision is not reasonable?   If Mack does not agree with the decision the group comes up with, then I think Mack should form another meeting for them all to sit down and brainstorm until another idea is formed. An idea that they all can agree on. The important part would be that Mack is a part of this meeting. I would make sure everyone knew what needed to be done and what everyone’s options were.