In Your Own Words, Define Difference & Inequality, & Provide an Example of Each on City Road

Part 1: Written exercise

(90 per cent of the mark for this assignment)

In your own words, define difference and inequality, and provide an example of each on City Road.

Word limit: 250 words

The concept of inequality occurs when resources in society are distributed unevenly to the population. Inequality is defined in particular by sex, race, ethnic & economic resources including time, mobility & access to places(2014, p.25-28). Natural & social resources often define social status, access to public services/goods such as education, credit & financial services contribute to define inequality amongst society.

Differences are defined as the features that make groups of people distinctly different from each other. These differences are defined by age, gender, class, ethnicity & sexuality. The way differences are experienced by the contrasting groups of different people can change these differences into inequalities(Blakely & Staples, 2014,p.24-25).

The life & situation of The homeless man John Arthur provides a concise example of inequality on city road. The negative influences John Arthur had encouraged upon him as a young child, have most likely contributed to him being a victim of inequality. The influence from his father at such a young age have obviously impacted on the decisions he has made & limited the choices available to him. John Arthur has fallen victim to a pattern in society, that produces inequality by limiting the persons access to choices. This representation of inequality highlights problems that relate to patterns & processes occurring throughout the country(The open university, year of study).

The example I have chosen to provide on the concept of difference shows two contrasting age groups, the men at the municipal club & the young adults at the pool hall. Both groups perceptions of city road (present & past) have brought anxieties to the surface(The open university, year of study).

Word count:254

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