In Your Own Words, Define ‘Making and Remaking’, and Provide Two Examples of This on City Road.

In your own words, define ‘making and remaking’, and provide two examples of this on City Road.
Blakeley and Staples Allen (2014, p. 16) states that societies are not just there or given, = they are made by people and by relationships with each other and the world around them.

Making and remaking, highlights the way individuals and society adopt a dynamic approach to living. It’s the method with which society adapts to take advantage of opportunities and challenges that present themselves. It also reflects the current political and social ethos, in this example consumerism.

Making and remaking clearly shows how politics, technology, and global issues shape the society we live in. for example how multicultural influences are absorbed, as can be seen in our changing tastes regarding cuisine.   The need to repair and improve or install new infrastructure, the need to diversify or adapt business to fit within contemporary society.

Example 1

This situation leads to both winners and losers, inequalities can be observed and old established businesses struggle to adapt or find that the demand for their goods or services wane, or they can’t compete in a global economy. Others find new opportunities or diversify as demonstrated by the mechanic who changed his business from car sales and repairs and now sells bespoke metalwork. (The Open University, 2014) The life and times of the street: Part 1)

Example 2

(The Open University 2014 The life and times of the street: Part 2) Tells us that European Union regulations have forced a change in the way waste is managed, the local council now encourages recycling, and is trying to further reduce its dependency on landfill, which will lead to a cleaner environment and new business opportunities. And it shows how we adopt new ideas and technology in shaping our environment (The Open University, 2014b).

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