In Your Own Words, Define ‘Making and Remaking’, and Provide Two Examples of This on City Road.

People and society are never completely formed, they are always changing in accordance with their environment, lifestyles, relationships, activities and work. Each individual and groups of people (work, schools, communities, consumers, etc) ‘make’ their society.   However, society shapes the lives of groups and individuals as patterns and trends change, and people have to try and make adjustments to fit in with these changes.
One example of ’making’   on City Road is through activities that individuals and groups engage in. As Lloyd Robson informs us in The Life and Times of the street: Part 1; the “Taste Buds cafe” is one of the longest standing restaurants on City Road.   It is not just used as a restaurant but as a meeting place for members of the community where they feel safe and are provided with home-cooked food.   They come to form connections with friends and the staff.  
Economic changes have always been part of making and remaking City Road (Blakeley and Staples, 2014, p. 23) and an example of “remaking” is shown in the case of Mark Hocking in The Life and Times of the Street: Part 1 where he had to make the choice to change his whole career as the car trade declined on City Road in the face of the wider economic climate and he therefore started producing bespoke metal products.   This was a choice that had arisen from circumstances which meant that his business may not have survived had he not decided to rebuild and remake his business.
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