Importance of Poetry

Poetry is not that important in today’s mechanized world anymore; people do not have the time to indulge into pleasant fancies as the hardships and pressures of present life do not allow them to do so! Poetry is nothing but a notion; a way people try to find an escape from the reality of life. It is all about involving oneself in a fool’s paradise then focusing about ones goals to lead a successful and worthwhile life. Gone are the days when people used give time to understand and grasp the meaning behind a stanza or a poem. Now with the ever increasing pace of life people do not have any time to give to likes of poetry and literature as it has become a mere nuance of what it used to be, it does not hold the same importance in the life of people as it used to do before. Some of the blame must also be put onto the writers and the poets as well as they have not kept themselves in pace with the changing times, if poetry could help them deal with the current scenario situations or if people could relate to poetry at any level they would have paid it some attention (Noland, 1999). Poetry in today’s world does not matter; the social environment and the advancement in technology have made people deaf to poetry. It is now something that has become completely irrelevant to the people of the modern world. Who has got time to read poetry anyway? And if by chance once gets to read a piece of poetry, what guarantee is there that two people reading the same excerpt of poetry may arrive at the same solution? And perhaps most important of all, what material benefit will they get from reading poetry anyway? The answer to this last question is plain and simple; none! Poetry is nothing but a decaying matter in the modern society that can be of no use to the people. When one looks and even vaguely tries to understand any dimension of poetry it more or less deals with imitation aspects and to a large extent depends upon the perceptions of the...