The Importance of Being Earnest Diary Entry

The Importance of Being Earnest Creative Task
Ed Wilks

Cecily Diary Entry

Dear Diary,
I must confess to you, that at such an emerging young age, I feel my life complete! Today, of all days, in, of all places, the drawing room of my guardian, Jack’s manor house in Woolton, was my breath taken away. Only just recently was the idea of marriage so perfectly preposterous. Only this morning did I gaze upon the gentlemen who desired my hand in marriage in absolute dismay, as he overindulged himself in the most scrumptious of muffins. However, all this was dispelled with his impeccably gentlemanly responses. His forthright words were also noted. His voice alone inspires one with absolute credulity. And then… his offer of his own baptism at such an atypical age. He is incomparably perfect in every way. His every word kindles my heart to deliquesce. He gazed into my eyes, and spoke as if he was reciting poetry; Cecily is the sweetest, dearest, prettiest girl in the whole world. And if that were not adequate, he showed no concern in regards to his own aunt’s doubts. Despite all of this, however, not all that materialized progressed as per ones wishes. I must say, I was quite taken aback with certain comments made by a certain Lady Bracknell of whom I did not feel had proper jurisdiction in regards to myself and Mr. Moncrieff’s marriage arrangements. She was strangely curious of my social potential and what good it would come to, should my darling Algernon and myself be wed. At first she insulted my loving guardian, Jack, of who I care for dearly. Making many assumptions in relation to my social hierarchy and position, merely due to the fact that I am young, and in her eyes, incapable of sustaining a respectable position in society. She then proceeded to insult my sense of style and presentation, which rather displeased me to a degree. Finally, after a lengthy altercation with my guardian, Jack, Lady Bracknell sanctioned the marriage of my sweet Algy and I. My relief...