Importance of Erp & Scheduling Tools in Manufacturing

Importance of ERP & Scheduling Tools in Manufacturing Course: Engineering and Manufacturing Management Module: Production Planning and Control

Module Leader: S.Vijaya Kumar
Presented By: Veeresh K Naren Silva G Hamsaraj K
M. S. Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies


1. The Evolution of ERP. 2. The necessity of ERP in current Businesses. 3. Importance of ERP in Businesses. 4. Production Scheduling and its importance.

5. Limitations of ERP.
6. Case Study. 7. Conclusion & Future of ERP.

M. S. Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies


The Evolution of ERP
The evolution of ERP comes with a long history, earlier the packages were in different forms and in non-integrated frame, but with coming times the need for integration was felt and the integration took place in various segments of an enterprise and went beyond back office and front office. The growing trend of business to business requirements with its large databases, and the rise of concepts like SCM, Just in Time and make to order, crewed ERP as a compulsory addition. In short the new dynamics of business have forced the corporate to employ ERP solutions.

M. S. Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies


The necessity of ERP in current Businesses
Enterprise resource planning is to integrate all the processes of the organization with the customer satisfaction side of the marketing equation. To elaborate a bit, ERP is the planning of the four M’s of an enterprise’s resources, Man, Money, Materials, Machines to their best synergistic values. Earlier the organization always focused on planning of the manufacturing resources, but in this current market the whole gamut has expanded to include non-manufacturing type of industries also. So now most of the businesses are all trying hard to hook up to customer-oriented domains with the help of ERP. So here the ERP helps an organization address needs like reduced cycle time, customer focus, and sharing information seamlessly across the...