Operations and Logistics

Week 4 Operations and Logistics     1

Operations and Logistics
Carlos Flores
BSA/502 Business Systems II
Instructor Arthur Willner
September 22, 2008

Week 4 Operations and Logistics     2
This paper will provide information on the Operations and Logistics side in a company system in today’s business industry to include examples. The following will be explained in more detail which are:
•Purpose and Charter.
•Key Requirements.
•Major inputs, outputs and their importance.
•How outcome is measured and if successful.
•Concerns with customer management and stakeholders.
•Anticipate problems or challenges during system development.
•Implementation concerns, training, timing, contingency plan.
Purpose and Charter
The purpose and charter of Operations and logistics in a company is to Manage and
control the flow of goods, energy, and people from the source of production to the current market
place. A company cannot accomplish a this purpose unless they have established the plan on how
this will be accomplished. A company which products are shipped in the US and abroad needs to
know how the products will reach their final destination by means of Air Water Land
or Train. What time frame it will take for the products to get there. How many facilities the
company operates and product control warehousing.
How much labor or resources it will take and cost effectiveness of providing this to
customers, other companies or other governments. Company management will have to
design for their needs with system to help the company be effective and competitive in the
logistics of their operations. What hours of operations will the system be used by the different
Week 4 Operations and Logistics     3
facilities if they are different and time zones if the facilities are abroad. They also need to know
if the ERP will in house or if this will be outsourced to a vendor.  
Key Requirements
The ERP system in logistics needs to be able to handle...