Importance of Accurate Measurements

Making accurate measurements is extremely important for many reasons. Some of these reasons include peoples’ health, trusting in distributors, being able to trust in who you buy from. These are only a few reasons. For instance, peoples’ health can be at stake if accurate measurements are not used. If someone is prescribed a medication and no one bothers to emphasize of the accurate amount needed to be taken, then one could just as easily overdose or not get the sufficient amount in order for it to be effective at all. When trusting distributors, stores will not be so quick to give business if they feel they are being lied to or sold incorrect quantities. And this will not only affect relationships between distributors and shop owners, but it will also affect the relationship between consumers and the stores. After all, no one wants to go shopping knowing they are basically being robbed.
There have been several instances like this over the years. There have been gas scandals. There are ways to attempt to protect oneself from this however. Making sure that the pump is all zeroed out before starting to pump is one way to be on the lookout. Also, when filling up at a full service station, ensure that one keeps an eye on the person pumping so they cannot try and tell you a price which is not truly equal to the amount of gas you got. Another thing to look for is the stickers which tell when the gas pumps were last inspected. There are very strict rules when it comes to matters such as this one and for that reason state inspectors test gas pumps annually. Not only that, but the rules and regulations also state that if it is found that pumps’ measurements are off by more than 6 in3, the gas station must shut off the pumps immediately and fix them. If they aren't fixed within a previously specified amount of time, then the station owners will not be able to turn the pumps back on. So those are just a few ways to protect oneself.
Gas pumps are not the only place to be...