Implementing Change

Running Head: Options for Implementing a Leadership Change

      Options for Implementing a Leadership Change
      Casey Smith
      University of Phoenix Online
      October 31, 2009
      Dr. Joe Cotter
Options for Implementing a Leadership Change
      Gene One is a successful leader in the field of Bio-Technology. Under the guidance of CEO Don Ruiz, has managed to grow the firm from a small $2 million upstart to a company that has $400 million in sales a year (University of Phoenix, 2009). Ever looking to the future, Don was attempting to take Gene One from a privately held company, and expand into a publicly traded company in three years (University of Phoenix, 2009). Don was not able to see his vision through, and recently passed away.
      Gene One now faces a critical point in its development. Already a successful firm, Gene One must continue down the path that will lead to an IPO offering, albeit with a different leadership team, and a transformed organization that has the infra structure to complete the journey. Effective leadership involves clarifying the end goal of the organization, building a solid team to work with, implementing a successful framework to grow from, adapting to challenges, and developing a shared vision for future success (Allio, 2009). Gene One now faces the task of implementing a leadership change that will guide the company to success.
Options for Implementing a Leadership Change

      Don Ruiz was the leading force behind Gene One. As one of the original start-up members, Don’s influence was evident throughout the organization. The gap that is left in the CEO role is not unique to Gene One; this is a problem that many companies in America are battling with (McNamara, Watson, & Wittmeyer, 2009). Many large scale public companies have effective leadership succession programs, smaller or privately held companies do not (McNamara, Watson, & Wittmeyer, 2009). The problems from the loss of a CEO are compounded in...