Implementing Change

Implementing a Leadership Change

    The late Don Ruiz left Gene One to his five grown children: Rich, Cathy, Kathryn, Sue, and Syam with instructions they will choose one leader and that leader must implement a successful initial public offering (IPO).   Syam has been out of town so the remaining four siblings made the decision   without him.
    This paper will discuss the four members of the Gene One leadership team in which the siblings analyzed along with the findings and will announce who was chosen for the leadership position and why.
    A change strategy that will effectively pair the selected leadership structure and styles with the vision of Gene One will be discussed along with insights devised by the siblings. The siblings understand the resistance to change and this paper will describe sources of resistance and overcoming resistance.
Four Members Analyzed
    The four members the siblings chose to analyze are Charles Jones – Marketing Officer, Don Ruiz – Former Leader, Teri Roberson – Chief Technology Officer, and Michelle Houghton – Chief Financial Officer
    Charles Jones, Marketing Officer:   Has a reputation for being a “smart” risk taker.   Charles is self-confident and moral with enough professional pride to motivate him into working hard at defining products that sale and creating a Gene One brand image.   Charles likes to focus on the big picture.   Charles was described as a marketing leader who knows how to make things   happen (Learning Team C, 2010).
    Don Ruiz, Chief Executive Officer: Is the leader of Gene One and the one who is envisioning the change go public. Don is dedicated to the change and this makes him the perfect “change agent.”   He states in the presentation that he is aware that everyone on the board has his or her reservations and there are problems and issues that need to be covered, but this company has grown substantially in the last few years. Dons untimely death has removed him from being...