Impact of Social Networking Sites on Social and Family Life

Impact of Social Networking Sites on Social and Family Life

Day by day internet users are increasing in number showing the entrance of technology in our lives.   The primary concern is to highlight the over-use of social networking sites and its ill effects on our social bonding and isolation of personal corner.

There is a first and foremost risk of getting connected to dangerous people who can affect the social as well as the personal well-being of a person. Various surveys pointed out that youngsters spend much of their time on social networking sites to overcome boredom which in turn weakens the ties with their family.

Family is a biggest social support for every human being. So for healthy living we have to maintain healthy family relations which help us to develop. This digital media has brought a change in our social practice. The social interaction between people was previously private and limited to those who were available on the scene and above all it was undocumented.

It’s an over-sharing of personal experiences which make people to peep into one’s personal world with their own perceptions which may affect the person concerned. It is only because of the over-use of social networking sites that youngsters suffer from anxiety, depression and many other psychological disorders. It affects our socialization making us more isolated and alienated from society.

Health issues are also the matter of concern. Drug addiction and social networking addiction can be equalized in its effect on the health of the addicted. The unwanted and uncensored things get exposed to our young ones which ultimately have negative effect on their development and bring them up as antisocial elements for the society.

This might be the darker side of the coin but a fact which we ignore and will have a long lasting effect on our social world which is very important to one’s over all well-being.