Dangers Social Network

Dangers of Social Networks
April 1, 2012

It was raining like crazy, but I had to get outside.   The quiet and rain were nerve racking.   I was so stupid!   After 22 years in the business I should have known better.   I should have known not to give her my keys.   My bank accounts and credit cards are frozen.   Everyone knows about my son’s problem.   My son will not respond to my telephone calls or letters.   The very thing I warn others about has happened to me.   Never in a million years did I ever think this could happen to me!   I began communicating with her in a chat room while on duty.   Since the chat room was provided by the company, I assumed she was a coworker.   Every evening at 8:00 for five months I entered the chat room.   Suddenly she was no longer there.   My life has become an open book!
Users of social networks should be aware of the risks when posting information to social network sites.   Using social networks to post malicious or threatening comments can have a negative impact on a person’s career, education, or reputation.   Additionally, people with criminal intentions use personal information from social network sites to steal the identity of others and commit crimes.
Social networks are communities that allow individuals to exchange information and build relationships over the Internet.   Social networks, initially created as entertainment, are now used by businesses, government, and academia as a means of communication.     Social networks allow users to post unverified information about themselves or their organization and interact with others on a variety of topics.     Research by the National School Board Association in 2007 showed 59% of online students talking about college or college planning, careers or jobs, politics, ideas, religion or morals and school work on social networks.   Students exchange various types of information when discussing college, careers, politics, or questions of morality that can be used by criminals.   People...