Impact of Islam

For this paper I will discuss the impact of Islam had on the evolving world. It will start with the creation Islam discussing the prophet Muhammad and the Koran. I will start with a brief introduction to Islam and explain how the Koran was written and the importance of the teachings of Muhammad. I will discuss the beliefs of Islam and how the five pillars influence their everyday life. This will help in the understanding of Islam and show how this religion impacts the political, cultural and society of the Middle East. I will also discuss the rapid spread of Islam throughout the Middle East and why this was such an important event in the history of the world. While the primary focus will be on the importance of Islam politically and in the Middle East’s society and cultural it is also very important to explain the culture clash between lslam and Christianity. Once this is described it will establish a theory behind some of the areas of conflict between the Christian and Muslim world today.

Around 610 AD the prophet Muhammad was visited by an overwhelming power. This experience shock Muhammad and it took him several years to share his experience with others. Three years after his initial observance Muhammad started to reveal the message he was receiving to the people in his tribe. While the first revelation was around 610, Islam really started to spread and grow in 613 AD.   In the beginning Muhammad and his followers were ridiculed and persecuted, there were even physical attempts at his life when he stared preaching this new word of God.   He was forced to move around the Arabia in the early years to spread his message, but ultimately he was successful and by 632, most of the Arabian Peninsula was practicing Islam.
    After Muhammad’s death his teaching and words were translated into the Koran. To truly understand the Koran you must understand it is meant to be the word of God as revealed through the prophet Muhammad. The book contains 114 Surah’s or...