8 October 2014
United States of America and immigrants

America is home to many immigrants from all over the world. However, majority of undocumented immigrants are uneducated and lack the standard skills needed. Therefore based on this knowledge, the U.S should open up its border to allow for more skilled and educated immigrants to benefit the country and its hard working citizens.
Immigrants founded the United States and this “melting pot” of ethnicities makes us unique in this world. Carrying on the legacy of our founding fathers, immigration is always going to be present. In this modern economy however, immigration is crucial due to the world stage and the presence that the U.S has to impose and immigration laws are set so that we are protected physically, financially and ethnically.
The impact of undocumented immigrants is enormous due to the fact that their contribution to the country is not tangible. While everyone else pay their taxes, they do not and that ultimately affects everyone. There is also the concern of terrorist threat to this country since if we can’t account for the population that can leave us with a massive security breach which can make us vulnerable to attacks. There are multiple resources

and aid available for such population to attain their citizenship and produce effective
change in this country by participating and contributing.
One way that an illegal immigrant can contribute to this country is by military service. Since this country had been at war for the last decade, there is a need for service members and by enlisting, there’s proof that you do want to belong to this society and culture. That also has its perks, as it will allow the immigrant expedited service to attain citizenship and be a productive member of society.
Even though there is a risk for someone to infiltrate our military just to obtain...