Ilm3 Problem Solving in the Work Place

ILM Level 3

Task: Identify a workplace problem facing you or your team and examine ways to resolve it.

Table of contents

Background: Page 2

Present situation (Analysis of the problem): Page 2

Investigation and identification of possible solutions to the problem: Page 3

Evaluation of possible solutions: Page 6

Recommended implementation plan to solve the problem: Page 8

ILM Level 3


Our   Council’s parks department carries out horticulture in the town’s parks, roundabouts and other municipal green spaces.   As well as care of these green spaces they also contract out green keeping services to the local university. This consists of care and upkeep of a cricket pitch/wicket at their downtown playing fields. The equipment and staff required for this contract are based at the councils main depot.
I am an experienced grounds person and green keeper who is the primary keeper of this cricket site.   Either I work alone or with people under my direct supervision and often need people to work on this site while I am caring for another.

Present situation (Analysis of the problem)

We are about to embark on a new 3 year contract to look after the cricket at the downtown site. To carry out green keeping on this pitch we need to transport a 2.5 ton roller and trailer to the ground and back again each visit to carry out repairs and to prepare a new wicket.   I want to discover whether it would be beneficial to place a secure site safe at the ground enabling us to leave the roller on site thereby saving time and effort transporting the roller each visit?

Transporting the roller requires a suitable vehicle capable of towing 2.5tons and a trailer capable of carrying 2 tons.
The driver needs the correct license allowing them to tow large trailers.
There is a time factor involved in attaching the trailer as well as the loading, securing and unloading of the roller.