Individual Strengths and Problem Solving Techniques

Individual Strengths and Problem-Solving Techniques Paper
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Individual Strengths and Problem-Solving Techniques Paper
Currently, I work in a group setting or scenario in which the leader leads by autocratic leadership.   The director that I work for has a large amount of power within her group and she runs her group my micromanagement maintaing strict control over everyone, from how long they work on a project, to how they do the project.   A staff member who she feels is not competentant to do things her way must give in to her minute-by-minute instructions.   Working in this manner has many staff member working under stress and they are depressed.  
Our director tries to control everything about every situation, such as the direction and outcome of a discussion or project, she does not allow many to have or share their opinions, she makes the decisions about everything and sometimes, though rarely, would ask other management to share their ideas only to ignore the suggestions later.   She rarely allows others to make decisions, constantly gives orders about every little thing, expects everyone to place her on a pedestal and to follow and obey all of her orders no matter that she makes people redo work that she decreed even though the person told her that was not the best way to handle it.   She never admits to being wrong but has a way of blaming everyone else using tones that a person dares not speak up in defense of him- or herself.   However, unlike a true autocratic leader, she never takes responsibility for the results of a project when she obstentatiously did not listen to sound ideas from other staff on how to achieve the deliverable.   Instead, she ignores the ideas of others, do things her way, then blame the team when things do not go her way.  
When a project finally goes right, after being long overdue due to her insistence that things are done her way even if she does not understand the concepts of the software and the...