Illegal Immgration

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Monday, July 31, 2006
Alert! Hoards of Illegal Aliens To Vote For Dems!!!
When in doubt, when you're a House Republican, play the fear card.
With congressional elections just three months away, politicians across the country are hoping to whip up a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment and ride it to victory. Few are pushing this distasteful strategy as hard as John Doolittle, the Republican congressman from Rocklin,[CA].

In a recent e-mail to constituents on his congressional letterhead, Doolittle is conducting what he calls a "poll" on the question, "Should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote in our elections?"

This is nothing but scaremongering and electioneering. The question itself is silly, and Doolittle knows it.

Of course illegal immigrants should not be allowed to vote, and they are not. There are laws against it and stiff penalties for those who break those laws. And all of the available evidence suggests violations are rare.

As reprehensible as this California Congressman's bogus poll is, just watch, within a few days we'll all be inundated with this thing from gullible friends. I'm sure Iowa's Steve King is planning on frowarding Doolittle's e-mail to The Register, and claim it as his own.

Economics and labor markets
The net flow of illegal immigration pattern is almost entirely from countries of lower socioeconomic levels to countries of higher socioeconomic levels, and particularly from developing countries to developed countries. While there are other causes associated with poorer countries (described below), the most common motivation for illegal immigrants is the pursuit of greater economic opportunities and quality of life in the destination state.[3]
Under the basic cost/benefit argument for illegal immigration, potential immigrants...