Communication and Collaboration

Communication and Collaboration Strategy
Alfonzo Faulk
Foundation for General Education and Professional Success-GEN/200
December 12, 2010
Instructor – Lisa Hoberg

Communication and Collaboration Strategy
  I. Introduction - 1992 one year after being drug free, I returned to college to fulfill my academic goals.   My selection was based on my drug addiction and child abuse history.   I used my history in combination with learning styles to establish my strength and weaknesses working on a team with multiple diverse personalities.
  II. I was taught fear and intimidation at a very young age.   It was used along with other notable methods, including physical, mental and psychological abuse as a form of control.   My mother was the author and executioner.   The abuse ranging from leaving me home alone to beatings, and using expletives to describe me.   Despite friends and family reluctance to come to my aid, I later used their fears and mines to fuel my aspiration to devote my life to helping others.   Participating on a virtual learning team has given me broader depth in my goal to further my studies and allowed me to gauge my strength to balance my weaknesses.   This was accomplished by using; Pathways to Learning Techniques developed by Joyce Bishop, Ph.D. which labeled my strength as my interpersonal skills.   In the study its noted people feel very comfortable around me.
  III. Developing strong interpersonal skills, I had a weakness in my naturalistic and visual-spatial abilities.   I grew up in fear and develop a phobia of being outside.   I can say it played a major part in my life involving my self-esteem.  
  IV. My strong characteristic of my intelligence can be effectively used by my team to assist in my decision making and determination to reach goals to establish unified accomplishments.   I foresee no obstacles as far as my weaknesses
  V. Is concern.   My interpersonal skills making others feel comfortable around me will...