Esl: Broadcast

Good afternoon, I am Kevin Xu, he is Wen Tao Chan and he is Jia Hao Xu, today for our presentation we¡¯re going to talk about study strategies which is including 4 columns. For the first column is ¡°How to set up your study place.£¿¡±   The second column is going to talk about, what you can do to help you improve your understanding of your lessons at school. As for the third one, there are several advices about how to study at home.¡± in the final column, there are some tips for studying.
¡¡ In term of set up, most significantly you need to select a good place which is quiet and suitable to study. You need to make sure that place is organized, no interruptions and no garbage surrounding you. Also, in order to study effectively, you need to get rid of any distractions when you are studying. For instance: Facebook, QQ or Twitter, these are examples going to result in procrastination. Furthermore, you are supposed to have your notebook completely organized which is aimed to improve your study to be methodically. Otherwise, you will feel complicated when you are studying. Moreover, the study schedule is also another essential role of the study strategies. It means that you need to break the load of study in to small sessions. As for the time schedule, you need to stick to do it on a daily basis, also make your study schedule before the test when the test is coming you will feel relaxed.
¡¡These are all the information about setting up. Let¡¯s go to the next column of our strategies which is going to introduce by Wentao Chen.
¡¡For this part is what to do at school to help better your understanding of what you¡¯re going to study. First of all, you must make sure you know what to do for homework, don¡¯t be scared to ask questions what you don¡¯t understand such as homework and the lesson. Secondly, you should listen with all your body, What that is, Is that you listen with your ears, eyes mouth, standing still not moving to fully hear what the teacher is saying, this...