If I Were Mayer of Rio City....

Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro city four years later.
However, at present, they have many problems.
If there is a market, then I would continue to promote policies such as the following.

On a priority basis, I will carry out the war against crime, including corruption liquidation of bureaucracy.
Currently, a lot of bureaucracy, including the police are linked to organized crime. Officials involved in corruption in that amended the civil service anti-corruption law, was to improve the treatment of civil servants to cut off the connection and support aegis of bureaucracy of organized crime to be excluded from public office immediately. In addition, after you have increased the number of police and special recruitment of Special Forces from the military in order to wipe out the criminal organizations that are present in the favela of many, was granted the temple demolition recommendation period of six months - and during this period , to prepare a complete strategy execution of police - will continue to completely removed physically organized crime through a mopping-up operation overall police.

Second, in order to eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor, and improve the tax system, to receive the additional support of the central government. Redistribution of wealth is to be performed by the tax to put the difference greatly taxes based on income. Further, the present invention provides the progress of various policy by promoting the enactment of special law support the Olympic Games, to pull out the financial support of the central government of our city.

Third, to promote medium-and long-term policy for purifying the squalid outskirts.
Crime to spread in our time begins drug. This is required to provide education and employment opportunities systematic by converting the overall recognition of citizens.
The additional processing facilities and public relations to the public the dangers of drugs on a voluntary basis in our time, it...