City of God

City of God or City completely forgotten by God?

Nowadays, it's really hard to find a good, touching movie. Generally, it's caused by the lack of originality. Almost all of the movies, which are currently on the air are patterned one after another.
That's why I have been looking for old, often underrated or daring movies. That's how I found out information about "City of God". After reading a short description of this released in 2002 and created by two young directors Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund movie, I decided to watch this film immediately. I don't regret that decision.

The whole plot is based on factual story. Entire action takes place in the poorest district of Rio De Janeiro, titular "City of God". Millions of people live there without gas, electricity and even running water in carton-made houses, the walls of which are covered with fungus and mould.   Millions of the homeless and unemployed keep fighting with each other in order to get food and money to survive. Among them we can also notice children - the most harmed by the twist of fate. Great majority of them is naked, dirty and ravening. But that's not the most horrifying issue. The most   horrendous thing is that not adults, but children are drug trafficking there. Not adults, but children rule that shanty town with guns, drugs and sex workers. No one can match to them. Police is helpless, because everyone is against police there.

On the starting scene we can see a bunch of boys chasing a chicken. That's how we meet one of two main characters in this movie - a young boy called "Little Ze". Actually, calling him a boy is a little bit inappropriate - he is the head of the biggest gang in City of God. A remorseless mugger, who kills, rapes girls and threatens everyone just for fun. The second main character is a little boy well-known as a "Rocket". We first meet him when the chicken being chased by earlier mentioned boys stops in the front of him.   Entire gang is aiming with guns at him and...