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IELTS Reading: difficult paragraph headings
Sometimes it's difficult to decide between two paragraph headings. Look at this example from Cambridge IELTS 6. Paragraph: It was once assumed that improvements in telecommunications would lead to more dispersal in the population as people were no longer forced into cities. However, the ISTP team's research demonstrates that the population and job density of cities rose or remained constant in the 1980s after decades of decline. The explanation for this seems to be that it is valuable to place people working in related fields together. 'The new world will largely depend on human creativity, and creativity flourishes where people come together face-to-face.' Which paragraph heading would you choose and why? 1. The impact of telecommunications on population distribution 2. The benefits of working together in cities Feel free to discuss this question in the "comments" area below this lesson. I'll give you my answer and explanation tomorrow. Posted by Simon in IELTS Reading | Permalink | Comments (17)

Monday, March 22, 2010
IELTS Reading: true, false, not given
Read the following passage from a text about linguistics. Before the twentieth century, the term "philology" was commonly used to refer to the science of language, which was then predominantly historical in focus. However, this focus has shifted and the term "philology" is now generally used for the "study of a language's grammar, history and literary tradition", especially in the United States. The term "linguistics" is now the usual academic term in English for the scientific study of language.

Linguistics concerns itself with describing and explaining the nature of human language. Relevant to this are the questions of what is universal to language, how language can vary, and how human beings come to know languages. Humans achieve competence in whatever language is spoken around them when growing up, with...