Idk Byllshit

Chapter 1: Aqua’s Quest
Once upon a time, lived a mermaid with beautiful brown silky hair and luscious aqua eyes and a tail with light green and pink scales that shone. This mermaids name was Aqua, she was the princess of all coral reefs and her father King William, was the ruler of all the seven seas.
Aqua needed to take over the kingdom off her father soon but Aqua was an adventuress kind of girl she wanted to explore the whole sea but in about a year she had to take over the throne.
So her and her father made an agreement if Aqua gets the pink pearl from the giant Clam Sera she will not get the throne off her dad for eight years and she really wanted that so she agreed she packed all her needs and set off to get the pink pearl.
Aqua swam to the lair of the giant clam Sera but she wasn’t there a written on shell laid on the floor, Aqua picked it up it said “I’ve got your clam if you want it back come to the surface sincerely....’’ .Aqua swam as fast as they could to King William and told him the news and showed him the message
Aqua was their only chance to get the pink pearl back, so they got the mermaid scientist to make a potion for six golden shells he took the deal and made the potion King William gave it to Aqua and Lunar the dolphin quickly swam up to the surface holding Aqua, she now had human legs to walk and before she took the potion the professor said on the sunrise of the tenth day she will turn back into a mermaid.
She walked on the beach with a beautiful violet dress all silky and soft with a starfish headband and shell necklace and here hair all straight.
Then she caught a glimpse of something a town near the beach and something else the clam was dragged on the beach cause there as a big deep mark in the sand. This was a clue for Aqua so she went off to the town to ask anyone if they saw a giant clam she tried the whole town but the answer was no from everyone.
Aqua wanted to give up but she wanted those eight years off the...