Identifying How My Job Role Relates to the Current Developments in the Lifelong Learning Sector


In this assignment I will be identifying how my job role relates to the current developments in the Lifelong Learning Sector. I will be exploring the new Professional Standards, CPD requirements, Core skills for teachers in literacy, numeracy and ICT and what key developments are affecting Educational organisations and how to get fully qualified in my own sector – FE or a training provider.

The New Professional Standards and the Code of Professional Practice.

Since April 2005, Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) have been involved in detailed discussion with representatives of regulatory authorities, unions, awarding institutions and individual provider organisations and have been developing the New Professional Standards. Draft standards were published in March 2006. In 2007 the Institute for learning was set up (IFL) and this is a professional body for all those working in the Lifelong Learning sector. Until this point FE teachers/ trainers did not have a single controlling professional body or an agreed code of ethics, unlike other professionals. The New Professional Standards are divided up into six different domains which are professional values and practice, learning and teaching, specialist learning and teaching, planning for learning, assessment for learning, access and progression. Each one of these domains are split into

sections. These are Professional values, Professional knowledge and understanding and professional practice. As teachers we should be reading the scope and knowledge for each domain and putting this into practice. The code was developed by the profession for the profession and gives an outline on the behaviour expected of its members. This is designed to help learners, employers, the profession and the wider community. The code covers the following:
• Integrity
• Respect
• Care
• Practice
• Disclosure
• Responsibility

Continuing Professional developments (CPD) Requirements
As from the 1st of September 2007 all...