Unit 008 Roles and Responsibilities in Lifelong Learning Sector

Learners have different learning styles which is influenced by personality type, career choice and job role and tasks (Kolb, 1984). As a teacher my behaviour in the class room   is very important   with the learners I have to behave like   professional manner means   arrive on time, It is important   to   understand my roles and responsibilities in   teaching and learning cycle in the lifelong learning sector.   I start my teaching   by identifying the needs of my learners, so I can design my course to reflect individual differences.

              In each and every part of the cycle teacher has its own roles and responsibilities. At first teacher has to know what the learner needs like arrange the suitable initial assessment and identifying any barriers or challenges to the learners. Learners are different types like anybody has language problems like reading and writing problems. If I have any dyslexia learner I need to plan before how I will help those learners to complete the course and I follow the organization rules and talk to special needs adviser to give any extra support from the college and I found one more learner in the group feels maths is very difficult and she can’t understand quickly   so it is my responsibility to support her to understand easily and complete the course.

          My responsibility is to maintain the class room is health and safety for the learners. For example room is safe and hazard free like fire exit and room is not too cold or hot according to health and safety at work act 1974 .As a teacher I have to ensure that the learning environment is a safe place for learners .The class room should be hazard free ,according to health and safety at work act 1974 and the European regulation for health and safety .All the learners should treat equally there have been many different legislative acts or laws about equality under equality act 2010 with in the nine protected characteristics like age,sex,gender,disability,marital. In my class...