Describe Your Role, Responsibilities and Relationships in the Lifelong Learning Sector

As teachers, our role is to encourage the development and progression of all learners. This we do through recognising, valuing and responding to individual motivation, experience and aspirations. We use opportunities to highlight the potential for learning. This is to positively transform lives and contribute to effective citizenship. Also, we encourage learners to recognise and reflect on ways in which learning can empower them as individuals and make a difference in their communities. On issues of equality, diversity and inclusion, teachers are responsible for applying principles to evaluate and develop their own practice in promoting equality and inclusive learning and engaging with diversity.
Establishing a purposeful learning environment where learners feel safe, secure, confident and valued is a responsibility for teachers. Another responsibility for teachers is to establish and maintain procedures with learners. These should promote and maintain appropriate behaviour, communication and respect for others, while challenging discriminatory behaviour and attitudes. This creates a motivating environment that encourages learners to reflect on, evaluate and make decisions about their learning. Providing learning activities that meet curriculum requirements and the needs of all learners is another responsibility for teachers.
They have to use a range of effective and appropriate teaching and learning techniques to engage and motivate learners and encourage independence. Also, teachers have to implement learning activities that develop the skills and approaches of all learners and promote learner autonomy. Teachers will need to communicate effectively and appropriately using different forms of language and media. This includes written, oral and non-verbal communication and new and emerging technologies to enhance learning. They are also to use listening and questioning techniques appropriately and effectively in a range of learning contexts.
Teachers have to...