Identify Two Recent Reports on Serious Failures to Protect Individuals from Abuse. Write an Account That Describes the Unsafe Pratcties in the Revievs.

The booklet about safeguarding which can be used as a reminder for people who work in the care profession.

  1. Physical abuse – is any abuse involving the use of force. It can be hitting, biting, throwing, force-feeding, smashing of furniture, being pushed, kicked. Other words any physical harm to an individual.
The signs of that are: unexpected bruising, bite marks, fractures, burns, etc.
The symptoms are: low mood, weight loss, pain.

  2. Sexual abuse – when a person is forced into of any kind of sexual activity, including inappropriate touch or exposure to pornographic material, or making any sexually comments.
The signs of that are: can be bruises around breasts, genitals, unexplained vaginal or anal bleeding.
The symptoms are: disturbed sleep patterns, inappropriate dressing, loss of self-esteem
  3. Emotional/psychological abuse – is when a person is subjected to emotional distress by things like bullying, invoking threats, fear, devaluing self-esteem, shouting, swearing and withdrawing affection.
The signs and symptoms of that are: depression, anxiety, loss of self-esteem, loss self-confidence, being withdrawn, shouting, swearing too.
  4. Financial abuse – is abuse of any money matters or property. Can be stealing, defrauding, tricking, or persuading a person to spend money or make decisions in the abusers interest.
The signs of that are: unexplained withdrawals of large sum of money by a person accompanying, lack of furniture/electronic stuff at home, taking money from customer’s wallet by carer without customer knowledge, not giving back changes after shopping.
The symptoms of that are: bad personal feeling, fear, embarrassed.
  5. Institutional   abuse –   happens when the life of service user is sacrificed in favour of the routines or lack of choice over day to day decision, lack of privacy, dignity.
The signs and symptoms are: no flexibility of bed times, eating times, dirty clothing or beddings, lack of care plane, lack of...