Task 3- Report
  (A)   Identify national policies and local systems:
  * Relevant up-to-date government policies;
  * Statement of Government Policy on Adult Safeguarding   (2011);
  * ‘No Secret: guidance on developing and implementing multi-agency policies and procedures to protect vulnerable adults from abuse, (2000)’
  * National framework and code of practice for health and social care;
  * ‘Safeguarding Adults’ national policy review (2009);
  * Work of the Care Quality Commission (Essential Standards of Quality and Safety March 2010);
  * Local systems
  * The scope of responsibility of Local Safeguarding Adults Boards (LSABs) and protection committees;
  * Local Area Agreements (LAAs)
(B) Explain the role of different agencies:
  * Importance of multi-agency and inter-agency working;
  * Social service;
  * Health service;
  * Voluntary service;
  * The police;
  * Responsibilities for overseeing the safeguarding assessment and its outcome;
  * Responsibilities of the Independent Safeguarding ;
  * Authority (ISA);
  * The national Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS);
  * Criminal Records Bureau( DBS)
(c) Identify reports into serious failures
  * Care Quality Commission report (2010)
  * Winterbourne View;
  * Abuse of Vulnerable Adults in England (2010-11) (NHS);
  * Equality and Human Rights Commission Close to Home (2012);
  * Final Report of the Independent Inquiry into Care Provided by Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust (2009);
  *   National Audit of Dementia (2011)

(D) Identify sources of advice and support about your own role.
  * Policies, procedures and agreed ways of working within the workplace setting;
  * Current and relevant sources of information from websites,
  * Leaflets, organisation,
  * Local and voluntary groups;
  * Voluntary organisation;
  * Publications;
  * Information from the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA);
  * Social Care Institute for...