Identify and Weigh the Factors Involved in Joseph Kony Being Able to Evade Prosecution for Widely Alleged Human Rights Abuses.

DD301 Crime and justice

TMA 05 Identify and weigh the factors involved in Joseph Kony being able to evade
prosecution for widely alleged human rights abuses.

My chosen research question focuses on Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army; (LRA)
who have allegedly terrorised African communities for over two decades. I will discuss previous
research findings and media publications to ascertain the accuracy of the evidence against Kony
with the aim of discovering why he has evaded capture and prosecution for so long and why the
international community have seemingly allowed his reign to continue.

Before examining the evidence for signs that Kony and his army have breached any human
rights I will first define what the term means. I will then detail the history of the LRA and
discuss their alleged use of child soldiers and how Kony became their leader. Consideration
will also be given to whether the LRA has breached any international laws before examining
the reactions of the international community. Throughout I will make arguments based on the
evidence I have found using the course themes of power and the relationships between the
local and global. In addition, during the essay I will perform a literary review of the
documents and publications used. This review will discuss the credibility of the evidence,
identify any gaps and make suggestions on future research that could be taken in this area
whilst summarising the articles findings. This essay will conclude with an explanation of why
Kony has so far been able to evade prosecution.

What are human rights and what are the consequences of breaching them?
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR The General Assembly, 1948) was
implemented by the United Nations and ratified in 1948. It sets a minimum standard that all
human beings can expect to be treated by (Appendix 1) regardless of their age, sex, nationality,
culture, religion or any other distinguishing feature. The United...