Ict Core Task

Nozrul Islam, PGCE Primary, Group 3. Tutor: Tony Brady.
Core ICT Assignment
Analyse the use of word processing to extend and enrich learning. Give examples from your experience and reading of what constitutes good practice in the use of word processing in the classroom. Ensure you make direct reference to your word processing school based task.

ICT at schools has not been around as long as other subjects. It is an aspect of the curriculum which has developed alongside the fast globalising world. As stated by Avril Loveless previously the ‘internet, e-mail and the World Wide Web was recognised, but had little impact on the practice of most teachers.’[1] As technological advances thrive, so is the use of such technologies embedded in all spheres of life, including that of school. Schools operate ICT facilities just as much as any working environment. ‘Information and communications technologies have had a significant impact on our social, cultural and economic lives and an influence on policy and practice in education.’[2] A lot has been invested and is to be gained from the use of ICT over the past decade, especially its key functions such as the use of word processing.

This paper will look into the details of how word processing can extend and enrich learning. It will focus on how word processing is used positively in the classroom or vice versa. The paper will make references to a school based task carried out in word processing with a group of year 2 children at a primary school.

Word processing is a very popular mode of learning how to read and write in schools. It is not out there to replace children’s handwriting but to enhance their level of competence in writing and in many cases reading too. Children can be very easily deterred from writing if it involves a long complicated process of producing drafts and re-writing whole pieces due to corrections. ‘For many children the physical effort of handwriting can get in the way of their confidence in...