A highly motivated and performance driven mechanic with 4 years of experience in military fighter jets (F-22) at Langley Air Force Base where I worked with the hydraulic propulsion, electrical, and cooling systems.   I also have experience working with insulating the bulkheads, overheads, and mechanical components aboard US Naval ships.     I want to obtain the position in a company where I can use my experience and skills for the development of the company.

Work History
March 2010-December 2010, Insulation Apprentice
BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair
Use various insulating materials to insulate pipe, panel casting and bulkheads, against hot or cold temperatures.

August 2005-December 2009
United States Air Force
In charge of maintaining and repairing all mechanical problems on the F-22 fighter aircraft.   As a mechanic on the F-22 I worked with different types of systems and changed out multiple parts in a timely manner to meet deadlines and multiple flights.   I was also in charge of training new airman on there core task and on the job duties.

June 2003-July 2005
Eat Nā€™ Park Restaurant
In charge of washing dishes and clearing tables. Also in charge of training others in these task.   While employed here I learned the basics of being on time to work and completing jobs on a timely manner.

August 2001-June 2005, Boardman High School, High School Diploma
December 2010-Present, Youngstown State University, Bachelors in Business Administration in work

Volunteer Work
I have done many presentations of the F-22 Raptor for many people such as the Senator of Virginia, employees of Lockheed Martin, NASA, and many students and families.

I am an F-22 Mechanic with more than 4 years of experience. I possess multiple skills covering many fields including ā€“ maintenance and trouble shooting multiple part, documentation of completed task, and training new airman. I have been all across the United States and 2 countries and...