Icas Aat

Title page (30 words)
Cotents Page (40 words)
1. Terms of reference (60 words)
2. Methodology (80 words)
3. Executive summary (140 words)
4. Introduction (750 words)
5. Review of the system (1,580 words)
6. Recommendations (1,630 words), and
7. Appendices (do not include in world count)

This amounts to 4,310 words.

I was told to write out the structure of the business first - what it does, how it functions, roles and departments etc. Move onto strengths and weaknesses and then identify a major weakness that needs improving.
Point out all potential areas of fraud in this area and the business as a whole and then do a cost benefit analysis on improving the system / area. This will have made up 90% of your report.

Get the mapping doc off the practise assessment page and look through to see what you need to add in. There may be sentences that dont flow in the report but you have to stick in to cover the area needed on the ampping doc.

Split your report into 3 columns, First column is paragraph numbering and middle one is text and final one is mapping ref. Then map the report to the doc and then on the doc you write the paragrah number relating to each point.
Some paragraphs will cover a few points.

I completed the form/layout that was in the BPP workbook, as I wanted to make sure I wasn't writing too much. I wrote: 
A paragraph on the company and external stakeholders; 
A sentence on what the report covers;
Two paragraphs on staff in department;
List of three - documents to review and staff members to interview;
List of five fraud areas;
Three paragraphs listing initial recommendations.