Aat Icas Guide

I structured my project as follows:

Title page (30 words)
Cotents Page (40 words)
1. Terms of reference (60 words)
2. Methodology (80 words)
3. Executive summary (140 words)
4. Introduction (750 words)
5. Review of the system (1,580 words)
6. Recommendations (1,630 words), and
7. Appendices (do not include in world count)

This amounts to 4,310 words.

1. Prepare an organisational chart (Appendix 1)

2. On the same page write about to whom each head of every department is responsible to and how they affect the organisational structure (K&U 11)

3. On the same page write about how some of the departments are connected to the external agencies. (K&U 12) ( SLCA to debtors, PLCA to creditors, Payroll to Inland Revenue, Accountant to Bank, Company House, HM Customs and Excise, Local Council, Environmental agencies etc)

4. Also write how each departments are connected to each other (K&U 13) (PLCA to SLCA – contra for same supplier/customer; SLCA, PLCA, Gen Ledger, Warehouse, Stores all need to submit wages info to PAYROLL and to Accountant for management reports; Petty Cash to General Ledger

5. Prepare each employee’s Flow chart of documents and activities (job description) (Appendix 4, Appendix 5, Appendix 6, appendix 7)

6. Prepare Employee’s Skill’s analysis table (Appendix 2).

7. Prepare a SWOT analysis for each of employees and put it into the Appendix

8. Research on Team Building on the internet (for K&U 9 and K&U 10) You will need to quote some theory work in your project.

Dont worry about it, just start writing, i wrote my on the weekend and sent it in and it was accepted the first time so dont let people scare you just start writing pick three things and go.