Aat Icas Plan

The weakness
efficiency in accounting methods
due to lack of computer literacy
due to not being able to devise an effective method(the correct method)
due to having to spend time recreating worksheets
due to having to conduct tedius operations such as digital ticking
controlling how much time people spend and waste on a job. Comparability of time taken on the same job on different years
incorrect accounts due to not implementing controls
Unclear accounts

Theme Premade worksheet bundle
spreadsheets with formulae that are hard to set up or otherwise unknown or too complex for people to create
finished working papers such as dla and hp
raw workings such as digital ticking
spreadsheets that are tedious and time consuming to create
spreadsheets where controls and prompts need implementing so that things are done properly
spreadhseets that are usually hard to follow
thought process sheets that guide peoples thoughts
excel tips and utilisation tips

will reduce time spent recreating worksheets that are used on a regular basis
will aid new employees in knowing what to do
will act as an aid de memoir for experienced employees with regard to procedures for uncommon situations
will allow employees with any level of computer literacy to utilise complex and
    otherwise unknown functions in microsoft office thus increasing efficiency
will allow for standardised practice in production of accounts
will mean the work is more likely to be done properly every time
this will allow for employees work to be comparable and time spent will be comparable good for staff appraisals etc
this will make reviewing...