Ibn Tamiyyah

Ibn Taimiyyah
His life
The jihad and action of Ibn Taymiyyah
      Ordering the good and forbidding the evil     His destruction of idols and places that were worshipped besides Allah and prevention of people from visiting such places, To overcome this problem he manage to usedintellectual discourse through direct debates, books and letters and explaining the shirk and innovations connected to such acts and also through presenting the opinions of opponents and refuting their arguments.
      His Jihad against Tartar     Ibn Taymiyyah played a great role in establishing jihad against the Tartars. He announced the jihad and reason to fight them, firstly, because of the consensus of the scholars on the obligation of fighting any group that openly rejects and resists the laws of Islam and secondly, explaining that this ruling is applicable to the Tartars because of their condition.
      The ordeal and imprisonment of Ibn Taymiyyah     Ibn Taymiyyah was put through many trials throughout his life and it is extremely difficult to deal with them, in this paper we have provide some proof according to the time length.
  His ordeal because of his treatise al-Hamawiyyah in the   year 698H.
      His ordeal and debates because of his treatise al-Waasitiyyah   in the year 705H.
      His ordeal, summons to Egypt and imprisonment there in the   year 705H for 18 months.
      His ordeal with the Soofiyyah in Egypt after his release.
      His deportation to Alexandria in the year 709H and imprisonment   there for 8 months.
      His ordeal because of specific verdicts related to divorce   and resultant imprisonment in the year 720H, for five months.
    Ibn Taimiyah sat to teach at the age of 21, when his father died. This was a very young age for a seat of distinction like that of his father, but he was up to it, considering his background, upbringing, education, personal qualities and high achievement Ibn Taimiyah sat to teach at the age of 21, when...