I Was Wrong

I was wrong
I thought we would be together for 4ever ….I was wrong
I thought we had the perfect relationship…again I was wrong
I was waiting for my three days after…not going to happen
I thought you love me like I loved you….wrong
I gave you my all. I told you everything about me and what do I get an ass to kiss, when all I wanted was a hand to hold
This is the story of my life I feel for the perfect man but he did not fall for me
I gave him my all and I still do not know him
So how can I love someone who I don’t even know
It simple he is everything I have ever wanted and I am nothing
Why would he even want to be with someone like me 5 kids no job no place to call my own
I cant even love myself fully but I expect him to what was I thinking
He says its complicated I don’t understand when I thought we was perfect
I guess perfect is only real when on tv, books and cartoon
All I ever wanted was the popeye the sailor man love when all I keep getting is spoongebob and patick kind of love
Why is it so hard I don’t understand I thought this was real I thought we was forever I thought all fuck it I guess this is what I get they say you cannot turn a hoe into a house wife. When I was younger I slept with more boys than I remember and I told him maybe that was it I don’t understand I guess I will never understand life, love, happiness. How can I mentor young girls when I still do not know….fuck dreams, fuck life fuck love.