What Went Wrong at the Philadelphia Housing Authority

The Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) is the nation's fourth largest public housing agency serving more than 74,000 residents; PHA is the first housing authority in the U. S. designated by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) of the National Association of Realtors as an Accredited Management Organization.   Philadelphia Housing Authority Which has been successful in transforming public housing to a state-chartered authority; they are not subject to City Charter requirements that can slow down city-managed capital-improvement projects.   PHA is one of the most successful Housing Authorities in the Country.   Which was mismanaged by the by the Executive Director Carl Greene who was alleged to have mismanages funds, and sexually harassed several of his employees.   Because of these allegations he was fired by the Broad of Commissioners.   My role is an Organizational development consultant who job is to find out what went wrong with this organization, and find the solutions to fix the problems.
  * 4th largest housing authority in the nation
  * Pennsylvania’s largest landlord
  * Established in 1937
  * Total budget of $312 million
  * Serves 84,000 people with affordable housing
  * Employs 1,225 people
  * Has over 50 developments
  * Has more than 4,000 occupied scattered housing units (scattered sites)
  * Manages the Housing Choice Voucher Program, with more than 16,000 households
  * Supervised by a five-member Board of Commissioners

Even though most of the PHA’s achievements were done when Carl Green became the Executive Director; he had a tremendous effect on the Housing Authority structure. The employees have been working under authoritarianism, and combative style Executive Director, and in the last 12 years the organization went from a well structure organization to a rundown organization.   This has left the organization in a state of mismanagement.  
The biggest problem was the leadership that the organization...