I Could Not Sleep Well That Night

As I opened my eyes, I was staring up at the bright blue sky above me. It was a very lovely day. In fact, I had never seen such a perfect day in my life. The clouds looked especially puffy that day and there was even one with the shape of a heart. There was another one shaped like a star and another that looked like a bunny. As I got up, in front of me was the most beautiful garden that I could not even imagine existed on this corrupted world. The Eden-like garden was so ethereal and flamboyant that my feet could almost float above the ground and fly across the garden without any care in the world. Alongside the pathway of that magnificent garden was full of colourful bushes of flowers and as I skipped along the pathway, a group of white bunnies skipped along with me.
The wind was breezing pleasantly as it caressed my smiling cheeks. At the end of the polka-dotted pathway, I saw a fantasy-like house emerging right in front of me. It looked like one of those houses that you would most likely see in Alice in Wonderland. It smelled very sweet too. However, this house seemed oddly familiar and I could feel that I should not go near that house but who cared? It looked quite inviting to me so I stepped closer towards the house. The house looked small but cosy at the same time. The walls of the house felt kind of sandy when I touched it and rather weird too because it was not made up of wood even though the colour of the house was a warm caramel brown.
Out of curiosity, my hand reached out to break a piece of that nice-smelling wall. Without even realizing it, my hand automatically put the broken piece of the wall into my mouth. Wow, I didn’t know I was that hungry! Surprisingly, I wasn’t shocked at all when the wall tasted just like homemade cookies that my mom used to make when I was little. Hmm… it tasted so crunchy and scrumptious. My stomach suddenly felt so empty and my mouth started to water at the thought of the whole house was made out of delicious cookies....