Health Care Management Issues

Health Care Management Issues | March 29
Medical errors and the quality problems to which they lead harm millions of Americans each year. If the errors reduce and improve quality substantially professionals must create systems and care processes that anticipate inevitable human errors and either prevent them or compensate for them before they cause harm. National surveys of registered nurses, physicians, and hospital executives document considerable concern about the U.S. nurse shortage. There were also many areas of divergent opinion within and among these groups, including the impact of the shortage on safety and early detection of patient complications. Healthcare providers need quick access to patient medical information whenever and wherever patients present for care. A system to standardize electronic medical records, such as the National health Information Infrastructure, would provide quick access to patient information. | HEALTH CARE |

Health Care Management Issues
There is now a robust evidence base in the quality improvement literature on process and outcomes, but structure has received considerably less attention. The health care field would benefit from expanding the current interpretation of structure to include broader perspectives on organizational attributes as primary determinates of process change and quality improvement. Solutions to the health care management issues dealing with the quality of care should be discuss with the following key elements of organizational attributes from a management perspective, executive management, including senior leadership and board responsibilities, culture, organizational design, incentive structures and information management and technology. Medical errors that injure or cause death in patients have become a significant and costly problem prompting government and regulatory agencies, health care organizations, and private industry to seek solutions to release errors and minimize their effect...