Mental Health and Therapeutic Interventions



The assignment describes my involvement in the care of a patient whilst on my recent placement. This essay will focus on the nursing process of assessment and care planning in identifying the patient’s needs and formulating care plan. Following the guidelines of the Care Programme Approach (C.P.A.) and the National Service Framework for Older People (N.S.F.)

Moreover, a model or framework utilised to aid the assessment process will be highlighted. In addition, the involvement by other professionals in the patients care will be mentioned, highlighting any legal and ethical issues that pertain to the patient.

For the purpose of this assignment, Peplau's model of care (1988) in conjunction with the nursing process is used as framework in which the care is delivered.
Finally a reflection of personal development would be drawn.

Through the assignment I have change the client's name to (Jo) in order not to contravene the NMC (2000) code of professional conduct.
It is important to know that I gained a verbal consent from Jo for the purpose of the assignment.


Jo is 73 years of age who was admitted into the ward under Section (3) of the Mental Health Act (1983), which allows compulsory admission and treatment (Sundeen 1997). Jo had previously been diagnosed with dementia three years ago. Jo is a widow and has a son who lives in France and hardly sees him.   She lives in a two bed roomed house.

Jo's memory has been bad for some time. She would find it hard to remember where she put things and becomes easily confused.   When she was going out she would forget to turn the cooker off as well. Neighbours would have to call the Fire Brigade on several occasions. Her deterioration in mental state gradually culminates into verbal and physical aggression.

Her deterioration in her mental state prompted her admission, which was facilitated by her community psychiatric nurse (CPN)....