Humanity and Engineering

The liberal education is important to engineers?

Section: 04  

Name: Hee in Yoon

Hello, my name is Heein Yoon. First, I’m very appreciate for this speech opportunity.
Anyway, is there anyone who like reading books related to humanities? Please raise your hand.
Oh.. It’s too bad result, no one like reading books. (he / she is a wonderful person). As I know, about 90% UNISTARs feels uncomfortable with AHS course than their major courses. However to engineer, humanity education is really important. Because through liberal education, we can effectively deliver our idea and communicate with other people whose major is not engineering. For example, Einstein is very good at playing violin and Max Planck another brilliant physicist, had a lifelong interest in music. Also, nowadays major company like Samsung require employees to get the knowledge of humanities. However in UNIST, future engineers are reluctant to study humanities. That’s very serious problem when we think about our future. Then why this kind of situation is happened?

First, engineers neglect the importance of humanities education and think that it is a useless knowledge for them. Most of engineers have no interests in studying humanities. For example, my friends who major in management or marketing sometimes say to me “You are so ignorant, you don’t have any common sense”. I think that you may have this kind of experiences.
In addition to, as engineering students, we don’t have enough time to study humanities because our major is so tough to study. We usually stay up all night studying and finishing assignment.

Then how can we improve this?
First, we should change our attitudes to the humanities. We should have to be concerned about humanities. We should throw out an attitude of indifference. Thus, it’s up to you who are future engineers.
Second, proper liberal education program will be developed which help engineering students to get knowledge of humanities while protecting engineering students from...