Virtual Reality's Impact on Our World

Virtual Reality's Impact on Our World
Nichole Clement-Ramirez
Ashford University
INF 103
Benjamin Perez
November 12, 2012

Virtual Reality's Impact on Our World
Have you ever wanted to be someone else or see things that are not possible in real life?   Technology has made this possible for millions of people to create new worlds and explore places in our earth that the common person has never   been able to see before. This technology is called Virtual Reality and it has made millions of   people’s dreams come true. People can be whoever they want there are no social or geographical barriers it is a place with no limits. This technology original purpose was   to help people deal with information more easily. For many years this technology was only for the experts or the people who can afford the costly applications and equipment but now the general public has access and it has been benefitting society in the areas of education, law enforcement, medicine, business and industries. In this essay we are going to look at exactly how this Virtual Reality technology has changed these important elements of our society.
Virtual reality is an environment, which is computer-simulated, and the simulation could be that of an imaginary world, or a real one. In other words you can create a custom world which is similar to the actual world you physically live in or a make believe world which has stimulations that are not real or possible in the physical world “Virtual reality environments are mainly three-dimensional “visual experiences” that are “displayed either on a screener through special or stereoscopic displays,” and enhanced by sensory information such as sounds that emanate from headphones or speakers” (Gajera, n.d., p. 3).   Now there are so many things out there that enhance the three-dimensional experience such as gloves, body suits, goggles and the list goes on. Virtual Reality has significant value for remote communication environments which can provide a...