Legalizing Organ Sales
There are multiple people out in the world today that are being put on waiting list to receive lifesaving organs. To be specific “At this moment, more than 105,000 people in the U.S. Are waiting for an organ, four thousand more people are added to the national waiting list each day.” (WebMD) When your health is being determined by a number then that is a huge issue. If the government were to legalize organ sales there would not be as big of an organ shortage as there is today. There would also be a decline in the deaths of people that are being put on the waiting list. The number of abductions/murders for organs would decline. As well as there would be a big rise in the amount of people that are willing to donate.
Instead people are so desperate that they are actually doing some pretty horrible things. Organ harvesting for instance for instance, is where the removal or organs and tissues from the recently deceased to be put into the living. At time they do not even have to be deceased for people to be so desperate. There are articles about how doctors are even killing in hospitals for tissues and organs. 2009 in Ohio there was a teenage boy who was injured in a snowboarding accident. He suffered a close head injury which is where the head does not penetrate the skull. The family of the teenage claimed that the doctors as well as a representative of CORE (Cent for Organ Recovery & Education) harvested his organs before he was dead. The doctors had told the family that there son was pronounced dead, which he really was not. So the family decided that they would take out the breathing tube, and it was then when   they realized that the doctors were not being truthful about the whole situation. It is shocking to me that even doctors now are going as far as to kill somebody because they are in such need as organs. Yes there are other people in the world that are gravely ill but is it right to kill a poor innocent teenager just for this reason?...