Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking
Human trafficking has been a great challenge for the federal government to manage. Human trafficking is the illegal movement typically for the sake of forced labor (Zhang, 2007). The government of the state has tried several ways to curb this bust mostly they have ended up failing at once. The government should develop a federal policy which would be to tighten the immigration policy and as well improve security checks round the nation.

Tightening of the Immigration policy and improving security checks round the nation
In order to curb human trafficking outside the United States, this country needs to have a modified immigration policy (Zhang, 2007). The congress should enact a rule to make persons to apply for visa cards over four months in advance this way any trafficker will feel that it will take long to bring in or rather take out any citizen too (Hepburn and Simon, 2013). Improvement of security checks round the nation will help keep the immigration policy at work and therefore the two would work hand in hand in a proper way. Human trafficking not only involves outsiders but also some of the American citizens too who are times taken in for sexual trafficking.
Over 45% of the United States population believes that their federal government has not made a strict rule on immigration (Hepburn and Simon, 2013). They say that the country is currently operating openly just because much focus has been put in business rather than checking then incoming persons into the nation and the kind of roles they are coming to undertake in the nation. They believe that some youth have been also abducted and also trafficked (Zhang, 2007). Through this vast policy the immigrants would be blocked and as well the internally trafficking business would also be put to as stand still as such.
As of March 2010 the number of illegal stood at 11,200,000 (New Hispanic research) (Hepburn and Simon, 2013). This number as seen is alarming and it is highly...