Human Servies

Throughout the years human services has helped millions of people and has made a huge impact on society. Presently, we know it was welfare or TANF, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. It's helped with food, medical and cash assistance to low income families. Many people now a days take advantage of this program, some really need the assistance and some do not, when back years ago it was barely there.

In 1905 the first social worker, Ida Cannon, was hired to provied services to patients in outpatient clinics with mental illnesses. At this point in time, social workers only helped the mentally ill. Previously, she worked as a visiting nurse, started to provide food and clothes to needy woman and children. By 1919 the social work program was better known as the Department of Mass General. At this time the main focus was people in outpatient clinics who needed medical assistance but did not have insurance. Before ten years ahd passed, the focus had boadened to include the community and environment.

By May of 1939 the food stamp program was orignited by the federal government in result of the Great Depression.

Food Stamp Program, is a federal assistance program that provides assistance to low- and no-income people and families living in the U.S Familes bought food stamp vouchers in allotments depending on their family income. By 1964 the food stamp program transformed into a program of relief as part as the welfare system. When the food stamp program was first introduced, it was given as paper coupons to buy prepackaged eligible foods. In the late 1990's, the checks or "vouchers" were ruled out of favor and a debit card was used. The debit card is also known as an "Electronic Benefit Transfer". This was one of the top growing welfare system being used by millions of people. The Social Security Act was passed by congress as part of the new deal. The act was an attempt to limit what were seen as dangers in the modern American life, including old age,...